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Galkınış Avenue


Abandancılık Road, named for the 10th Anniversary with its store underpasses and comfortable stops, is also decorated with a monument that pays homage to Turkmenistan traditions.

The 10th Year Abadancılık Road, with a total length of 4.1 kilometers, consists of a four-lane main road and two-lane service roads in the south of Ashgabat. Within the scope of the project, 5 pedestrian underpasses with shops and intersections were built. On the road where LED information panels are used, there are decorative, stainless steel lighting poles and bus stops with air conditioning, television, camera, shop, indoor and outdoor seating areas. The monument, which was built on the 10th Year Abadancılık Road and symbolizes the traditional musical instrument "dutar" of Turkmenistan, is 25 meters high and covers an area of 700 square meters with a pool and fountains.


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