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• To follow the developments in the building sector and to contribute to these developments
• To do everything on time and to provide reliable service by ensuring customer satisfaction

• Aiming to be permanent and grow by keeping up with the changes constantly

• To produce exemplary projects by following world-class construction technologies without sacrificing honesty and quality.

• Knowing the satisfaction of our customers as our own satisfaction, providing services worthy of our position and the trust of our customers 


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We were the owner of a small business where five brothers who started this business with the installation of granite marble in 1986 and continued their journey with the experience of a profession passed from father to son, made a living by working as marble masters. Since 2001, we have become a company that has managed to make a name for itself in major projects at home and abroad during the institutionalization phase. Currently, we continue on our way as SEVGİ GROUP İNŞAAT with our reliable team.

As SEVGİ GRUP İNŞAAT, we are proud of smooth business delivery in many projects from commercial complexes to hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and public institutions.


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• To be the first choice of our customers by creating quality and reliable works.

• Basically, to be respectful to people and nature.

• To increase the quality of production by renewing ourselves with our identity that is always entrepreneurial, innovative and open to improvement.

• To realize big projects with architectural identity and different concepts.

• To ensure customer satisfaction during the pre-service process and after the delivery of the work and to provide a sincere, reliable, professional service by transforming it into a permanent friendship

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