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Ashgabat International Airport


The airport, which was built to meet the rapidly increasing domestic and foreign passenger traffic of Turkmenistan, is preparing to become the new prestige point of the country with its additional facilities that meet many needs.

The new Ashgabat International Airport will be built in place of existing airport facilities in order to respond to Turkmenistan's rapidly increasing domestic and foreign passenger traffic. The new terminal building, inspired by the national symbols of Turkmenistan, will be able to host 14 million domestic and foreign passengers per year at IATA Class A service standards with a closed area of ​​165,851 m2. The building has a total of 30 passenger bridged boarding gates.


VIP terminal to be built within the scope of the new airport project, air traffic control tower, open and closed passenger car parks with a total capacity of 3,000 vehicles, cargo terminal with a load capacity of 200,000 tons per year, aircraft maintenance hangar with a capacity of 3 aircraft, catering building, new refueling facilities, fire brigade buildings. There is a total closed area of ​​408,046 m2 at Ashgabat International Airport, including maintenance-repair and warehouse facilities, civil aviation school, flight and cabin training simulator building, hospital, dormitory building, indoor sports hall and other administrative and technical auxiliary facilities.


Within the scope of the project, a new runway, parallel taxiway and aprons with a length of 3,800 m with Code F capacity and CAT III were built, where today's largest passenger capacity Airbus A380 and Boeing B747-8 aircraft can land and take off. A total of 2,428,344 m2 runway, apron and taxiway construction has been completed, together with the existing runways and taxiways, which will be modified and continue to be used.


The new runway, apron and ground handling vehicles, new air traffic control systems, simulators, maintenance hangar equipment, security systems, data processing systems and all similar technological equipment are aimed to be procured and put into operation, and the new airport will serve Ashgabat for the next 30 years.


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